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Long Island Drafting Service provides services that will save you a lot of time, money, and stress. Long Island Drafting Services can draft plans for blueprints, remove Violations for Building Permits. Our Architecture Service for drafting plans for house designs, redesign, elevation, floor plan design, renovation designs, floor plan, home renovation, house design, elevations, building, renovation, and any kind of floor plans layout. If you are in construction, a homeowner, or simply a business owner who needs to get a conversion or new construction underway, you have probably considered expediting your paperwork in order to get your permits. Many of the people who are interested in learning about the process, that will allow them to obtain building permits, get intimidated after finding out a brief overview. Long Island Drafting Service knows that getting building permits is not a walk in the park, and it has discouraged many projects, conversions, build and home legalizations and new construction from ever being created. This guide will tell you why Long Island Drafting Service will help with your building permits and save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Long Island Drafting Service Creativity

Our Architecture Design Services include drafting blueprints for house designs, redesign, elevation, floor plan design, renovation designs, floor plan, home renovation, house design, elevations, , building, renovation and any kind of floor plan. We enjoy designing to a budget and to be creative. If you are interested in a certain style just simply tell us your dreams and we will make it a reality. Architecture is the art and technique of designing the enclosure of space for human use, as distinguished from skills associated with construction. As with some other arts, the development and practice of architecture embraces both aesthetic and utilitarian ends; these ends may be distinguished from each other but not separated completely, furthermore, the relative weight given to each end, purpose, or motif, may vary widely from one architectural project or work of art to another. It is especially important to recognize the way in which architecture is a social art, both with respect to method purpose. Successful architectural endeavors are almost always the result of team work and the purpose of architecture is almost always the service of some group, however large or small, ranging from a family to an entire nation. Architecture is usually a costly act, however, especially insofar as it represents a form of art and a representation or celebration of public space. Creative and highly sophisticated state-of-the-art architectural projects call for the engagement of the most specialized talent and highest form of technological achievement available.


Obviously of extreme importance. We have seen many projects fail to materialize when they turn out to be unaffordable. It also can be unwise to "over improve", that is to spend more than is justified for the neighborhood and location. Also, beware of the common contractor ploy of offering a low price up front but coming in with big cost increases once the project is started. On the other hand, some cost increase may be justified due to unforeseen conditions. Your Design Professional should give you a cost estimate for the project and as a rule of thumb you should add 10-15% to this. A rough cost estimate for a second story addition using builder's grade (average quality) materials is $100.00 per square foot. Add $12,000.00 to this if you are adding a bathroom. Figure $4,000.00 per 1000 square feet for new siding on an existing first floor and $5,000.00 in repairs to an existing first floor to support a new second story. A separate one story addition will cost approximately $125.00 per square foot (the extra $25.00 is mainly for the foundation) or $110.00 per square foot if done along with a new second story. A porch, deck or garage is about $40-$50 per square foot. Please keep in mind that there are many variables associated with the cost of any construction project. The figures above are approximate and should be taken as guidelines only. Finally, never make the final payment to a contractor without having received the Certificate of Occupancy for the project from your municipality. Don't buy contractor's statements like "the Town issues the C.O., it is not in my control so it is not fair to make me wait for final payment". Once that final payment is made you will have no leverage to get any problems fixed which may arise and you may be stuck "holding the bag".

Long Island Drafting Service has expeditors who are very well versed in all of the local laws regarding Violations Removal, Building Permit regulations and paperwork. They know what needs to be done in order to get Violations Removed, obtain a variety of different Department of Building Permits and know how to do them the right way. If you are unsure of how to fill out a certain form, do not worry, the expeditors at Long Island Drafting Service will make sure it is filled out correctly. Long Island Drafting Service can also help with drafting services, Hearings, Penalties, blueprint creation, illegal conversions and even building inspection. Questions that you may have about the paperwork process will be answered, and an Expeditor will also be able to assist you when it comes to double checking your forms before they are submitted.

If you don't use Long Island Drafting Service. while you are in the process of obtaining blueprints, or your Permit, a variety of things can happen. One tiny missing detail can cause a month or two-long delay in your construction plans. You might need more money before you can start construction again. Or, you might spend money on an inspection that you didn't really need, and fixes that weren't necessary to procure your building permits. Long Island Drafting Service Services keeps these building permit disasters from happening.

How Long Island Drafting Service Can Help?

Long Island Drafting Service can provide a lot of tips and tricks to make the Building Permit application process as painless as possible in addition to having an expeditor help you check over any paperwork that needs to be completed. They will help you obtain the documents that you need in order to get the permits, and an expeditor will explain any of the easily misunderstood rules that come with Building Permits. Long Island Drafting Service can also offer scheduling services for inspections. Along with getting a crash course in the field of building permits, customers using Long Island Drafting Service Services always can be assured that they will get their permits in the least amount of time possible.

Many people don't need an expediting company to obtain the paperwork; they already have it. However, at Long Island Drafting Service we also perform other functions. Sometimes, our Expeditors will explain new procedures, update customers on new laws that might affect their project, or just give them a rough estimate of the time and money it would take for them to obtain a building permit. People who are in need of an architect, a blueprint designer, an engineer, or a building inspector for their building permit needs, will benefit when using Long Island Drafting Service. This enlightening information alone makes a consultation with JL Drafting Inc. worthwhile.

Benefits of Using Long Island Drafting Service

Long Island Drafting Service helps keep the entire process of Building Permits and conversions under control. It's very easy for this process to become very chaotic, for papers to get lost, information to get written in the wrong way, or for something to simply get lost in translation. Every mistake will be equal to a longer delay, more fees, and more money lost. This doesn't even take into account the amount of rescheduling that would need to be done for every delay. With Long Island Drafting Service for a very small fee, you could stay away from the annoyance of all the little details, avoid financial loss, and also start your construction project in a timely manner with our expeditors.

Who Uses Expediting Companies?

Long Island Drafting Service services many different categories of customers who will ask for the aid of expeditors while they try to obtain their building permits, Queens legalizations of homes that had illegal conversions, Queens legalizations of basement apartments, Mother Daughter permits, Violations Removal, etc. Construction companies that want to give their customers an added benefit to their service will come to Long Island Drafting Service when it comes to blueprints. Homeowners and business owners who need to start a legalization of a conversion or a construction project will ask for help from us when it comes to learning what they would have to do in order to start their project without steep fines. In fact, there are even architects who love the help that they get from an expeditor with their building blueprints.

As a whole, Long Island Drafting Service can help anyone that doesn't have a thorough knowledge about the rules, regulations, or even the procedures needed in order to get a building permit. Just learning the procedures, and learning what will count when it comes to being able to go forward with your project on time takes a lot longer than most people are willing to deal with.

The entire process that is needed in order to get building permits on time is a long, tedious, and often very confusing ordeal. Anyone who needs to make sure that they get their permits in on time, as well as anyone who has serious time constraints on their construction or conversion plans could use Long Island Drafting Service to help them out with the paperwork, planning and entire process.

The Future of Long Island Drafting Service

Long Island Drafting Service has noticed the process to get building permits, especially in Queens, has become a very intricate, involved, and a time consuming process. Because of the current legislation, it's expected that more and more people will not be able to get their building permits on time without the help of expediting companies. Expediting companies have seen a massive growth in their demand, and considering how much they have to offer homeowners, business owners, contractors and other people involved in construction projects, it's easy to see why.

There are many cases where expediting companies become fully booked for a season, so if you want to reap the rewards of an expeditor, it's best to book an appointment with

Long Island Drafting Service gladly serves Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

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